The most powerful Retro decks can win the Tournament easily in Clash Royale

With the ongoing RETRO Deck event, take a look at some of the most popular decks to win absolutely in the Tournament today. If you are not clear, the upcoming Retro Challenges event will force players to use only the first season of Clash Royale. The following card list will not be used during this […]

Things to know and tips for participating in the Tournament in Clash Royale

The Tournament feature is a fairly new addition to Clash Royale. So how to experience this game mode? A new feature added to Clash Royale, but it looks like the Tournament has not really worked well. Many gamers complain that they are hardly able to participate in this mode, because sometimes you will see the […]

Overview of Clash Royale Tournament feature

In this post I will introduce you to what you need to know about the Tournament feature of Clash Royale through the latest update. So Clash Royale has launched a new update with many new features such as Tournament, Arena: Frozen Peak, etc as well as 4 new cards including 2 Legendary cards. In this […]

Overview of the characters in Clash Royale – Part 4

In the previous parts (1,2,3) we have learned a lot about characters. Today we will find out all the remaining characters in Clash Royale! Miner Miner is nicknamed the Molescorer, able to drop this card anywhere in the battle map, very suitable for destroying the tower and the enemy’s house. To summon this card costs […]

Overview of the characters in Clash Royale – Part 3

Following the part 1 and part 2, today we will continue to introduce you to the characters in Clash Royale, so that you have a comprehensive view, making the most of the strength of each type. Ice Spirit Ice Spirit costs only 1 elixir to summon, summoning time lasts only 1 second. Ability to deal […]

The strongest Battle Decks in Clash Royale

May not be the strongest, but the following four Decks will easily bring victory for Clan Battle than the other Decks in Clash Royale. Rum Ham’s Decks If you do not know, Rum Ham is one of the high ranking Clash Royale players with simple decks and free to play. In these two decks, each […]

The best games like Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game of Supercell with a full of charm defensive strategy gameplay . But if you feel bored with the cards with the corresponding generals inherited from the “Clash of Clans” brother, while still fascinated with the defensive style, there will be equally attractive alternatives. We will introduce you to the best games […]

Overview of the characters in Clash Royale – Part 2

Today I would like to introduce the next part of the characters of Clash Royale overview – Clash of Clans card version. In Part 1, we have seen 9 different classes, in this article we will list the next 6 classes.

Overview of the characters in Clash Royale – Part 1

To give the player a more comprehensive view of the Clash Royale’s characters, I have a synthesis on this topic. The article will list each character’s stats such as damage, attack speed, attack distance, and level, all of which are indexed at Level 1 and can be changed during the game. The quality of the […]

Building Deck in Clash Royale Guide for Beginners

Hello, today I am going to teach you how to build a decent Clash Royale Deck for beginners. You have a lot of cards, but do not know what sort of reasonable, that is why the force is strong but the cup is still flickering. Anyway, long-term players should be consulted, which is best for […]