List of Arenas in Clash Royale

What is your understanding of Clash Royale? With the summation of the Arena in Clash Royale we will be able to capture the information below, we can capture information about “the Arenas” when can level up Arena, Arena downgrade also. As in the new Arena there are things, all will be answered in this article. […]

Clash Royale: 3 different Decks to climb Arena 9

Running under the metagame Clash Royale, many players tend to use only hot cards. However, if matched correctly, even forgotten cards can get you 3500 trophies. 1. Three Musketeers First, see if your opponent has a Fireball by splitting 3 musketeers or using the Princess/Elixir Collector to try. If your opponent has Fireball or Poison, […]

Brawl of Ages – “Clash Royale PC Version” officially released on Steam

A product combining tactical element and cards with many similarities to the hit product Clash Royale has officially launched on Steam… Certainly the community of gamers has not forgotten the “fever” Clash Royale had rained the mobile gaming community in the early months of 2016. As the strategy game + card type is becoming scarce […]

How to counter Goblin Barrel as efficiently as possible in Clash Royale?

After the March update, the Goblin Barrel is one of the current meta cards back to the game’s meta, as fewer cards can counter them. However, less counter but still can be counter very effective … When no longer hit by a Zap hit, the Goblin Barrel is progressively more aggressive when the player can […]

The most powerful decks for Clan Battles in Clash Royale

May not be the strongest, but the following 4 decks will easily bring victory for Clan Battle more than other decks in Clash Royale. Rum Ham’s Deck If you do not know, The Rum Ham is one of the high ranking Clash Royale players with simple decks and free to play. In these two decks, […]

Clash Royale: How to the most effective use and control Night Witch?

Another Legendary Card released, Night Witch gives gamers both a sense of excitement and powerlessness in front of her strange power. Let’s take the article to analyze how to use Night Witch as well as the most effective in Clash Royale. Night Witch overview The Night Witch is open at Arena 8 (Frozen Peak), which […]

Clash Royale: The strongest decks in the current meta (Part 2)

Having mentioned the 3 Decks: Barbarian Elite, the Trifecta and the Royal Giant in the first part, let’s continue to refer to the other three decks with themes including Lava Hound, Sparky, and Giant in Part 2 to find the best deck For you. Read Part 1 of this post with 3 Decks: Barbarian Elite, […]

Clash Royale: The strongest decks in the current meta (Part 1)

Let’s take a look at the strongest decks in Clash Royale at the moment and their cheaper versions so you can apply them for yourself. The article will introduce 6 Decks that are arguably the strongest in the current meta including Elite Barbarian, Trifecta, Royal Giant, Sparky, Lava Hound and Giant Combo. Note: The level […]

Clash Royale: Update details 19/04/2017 – Continue to nerf E.Barbarian and Royal Giant

Clash Royale’s next balance-of-power shift will continue to focus on nerfing still strong cards such as Barbarian, Royal Giant and Furnance. True to the nature of “power balance,” these changes will make those who invest heavily in powerful attacking but easy-to-do crying at constant downsizing. Note: This update will be effective on 19/4/2017 Update details […]