The Best Clash Royale Decks for Arenas 4-6

Clash Royale has become one of the most attractive games for people who want to experience challenges. In Clash Royale, the way to use Decks is one of the important key to get win enemies. In this post, we will show you 5 best decks and some battle strategies tips and tricks for winning Arenas 4-6

Deck 1                                                                                

  • Spear Goblin (Level 6)
  • Barbarians  (Level 6)
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A.  (Level 4)
  • Bomber  (Level 7)
  • Zap  (Level 4)
  • Witch  (Level 1)
  • Baby Dragon  (Level 1)
  • Skeleton Giant  (Level 2)
    • Average Elixir: 3.9
    • Highest Arena Reached : Arena 6

Deck Strategy/Explanation

  • Zap: Cheap and can take low elixir troops
  • Witch: Splash damage
  • Spear Goblins: as distraction for both air as well as ground troops.
  • Barbarians: to counter hogs, prince, giants, and high HP troops. Sometimes it can be used as tanks for the witch
  • Bomber: Splash damage
  • Giant skeleton: used as a tank or in case the enemy has flooded your side with large number of troops, it can deploy your giant skeleton and see the enemy troops vanish.
  • Baby Dragon: used for both offence as well as defense
  • Mini Pekka: in case your enemy has 2 high HP troops and he drops at both the sides of the base, you can drop the barbarians for one and mini Pekka for another.

Deck 2

  • Giant Skeleton (Level 2)
  • Xbow (Level 1)
  • Goblin Barrel (Level 2)
  • Baby Dragon (Level 1)
  • Skeleton Army (Level 2)
  • Prince (Level 1)
  • Inferno Tower (Level 4)
  • Witch (Level 2)
    • Average Elixir: 4.9
    • Highest Arena Reached: Arena 6

Deck Strategy/Explanation

  • Strategy If Opponent Has No Arrow Storm, you can flood him with the witch and skeleton army every chance you get and then just repeat.
  • Strategy If Opponent Does Have An Arrow Storm
  • Everything is ok to accept Skeleton army or Witch at certain points in the battle. And then you should place down to rush his base. Xbow and inferno tower nearly at the same time where the Xbow’s range is just enough to reach the crown tower then you let loose all your troops and watch the show. Don’t get too hyped up

Deck 3

  • Minions (Level 7)
  • Minion Horde (Level 6)
  • Barbarians (Level 6)
  • Tesla (Level 6)
  • Arrows (Level 6)
  • Bomber (Level 6)
  • Prince (Level 2)
  • Hog (Level 4)
    • Average Elixir: 4.1
    • Highest Arena Reached: Arena 5

Deck Advantages/Strategy/Explanation

  • This deck supports a great defensive strategy. This deck can be used with the Prince, Hog Rider and Minion Horde for offense. Besides, you can substitute minions for spearing Goblins for a cheaper range defense.

Deck 4

  • Barbarians (Level 6)
  • Barbarian Hut (Level 4)
  • Giant (Level 3)
  • Witch (Level 2)
  • Tesla (Level 5)
  • Spear Goblin (Level 6)
  • Goblin Hut (Level 4)
  • Rage Spell (Level 1)
    • Average Elixir: 4.5
    • Highest Arena Reached: Arena 4  – P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse

Deck Advantages/Strategy/Explanation

  • Use the portion to boost your trips once near the tower.

Deck 5

  • Prince (Level 2)
  • Valkyrie (Level 4)
  • Minions (Level 6)
  • Skeleton Army (Level 1)
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A. (Level 4)
  • Balloon (Level 1)
  • Musketeer (Level 3)
  • Mini Dragon (Level 1)
    • Average Elixir: 4.1
    • Highest Arena Reached – Arena 4

Deck Advantages/Strategy/Explanation

  • Overall high hit points
  • Adaptable to the match. Only Balloon can be used on defense while the other cards can be used for both offense/defense
  • There are multiple cards can be used many times in delivering area damage
  • 1 elixir is not too expensive to adapt
  • First attack is usually a combo of balloon plus some ground troop. Ground troop will absorb the tower hits (and engage with ground troops too) and this combo almost always delivers 50% damage or more to 1st If the player isn’t able to adapt fast enough or has the wrong cards available, this attack destroys the first tower.

Deck disadvantages:

  • Support the lack of 1-time area spells; therefore, anyone that simply floods the map with a ton of low-cost units can overrun this deck.
  • Priority for more offensive strategy than defensive one
  • Players need genera; knowledge about the strengths, weaknesses of these cards.

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