The Best Clash Royale Decks to Push to Arena 9 without Legendary

Mastering the way to use Legendary cards is always the expectation of all Clash Royale. Therefore, we introduce a list of the best Clash Royale decks which can help you push to Legendary Arena 9 with ease without using a single Legendary card.

  1. Royal Giant decks

  • Standard Royal Giant deck
    • Royal Giant should be used with Elixir Collector in order to gain Elixir advantage. And you will play Minions and Spear Goblins to support behind. Ensure that you keep doing this until you take down the 1st Tower and then simply place the Royal Down right at the middle of your opponent’s side to whittle the second one down. After that, it will easier when you take the second one. Barbarians, Minions, Fireball and Cannon will be used for defense. In addition, Fireball can also be used for countering your opponent’s moves. Zap will be used for taking down Goblins, Skeletons and resetting Inferno Tower’s damage.
  • Chief Pat’s Royal Giant Deck
    • You should place at least 1 Goblin Hut before using the Royal Giant to have Royal Giant supported by Spear Goblins. This deck is really great because there are no requirements of much skill as well as you can easily play for a tie whenever you think you can’t win.
    • Besides, you can use Zap instead of Arrows, Tesla/Inferno Tower instead of Cannon. There are a lot of variations of this deck for you.
  • Royal Giant + Hog Rider
    • This deck will be used to your advantage and keep sending Hog and Royal Giant simultaneously or separately based on each situation. This a flexible deck because you can use it for defense and pushing easily.
  1. Hog Rider decks

  • Hog Rider Trifecta Deck
    • Players don’t need high skills to use this deck. There are a few battles for you to figure out. You should used Elixir Collector to gain Elixir advantage and play defensively then counter push with the survived Valkyrie and Musketeer. Slowing down enemy defending units and draining their HP should use Poison. Cannon will be used for defense and Skeletons will be used for distraction and killing troops of your enemy
    • Inferno is also used instead of Cannon and Fire Spirits, Ice Spirits and Skeletons as same. You will really need the Elixir Pump in this deck because it uses up to 12 Elixir to push.
  • Hog Cycle Deck
    • Most Hog Rider Cycle Deck costs only 3.1 Elixir or less. Our goal is to constantly push with Hog Rider and prevent opponent from launching big pushes. Play aggressively and force them to defend the whole match. With the very low avg. Elixir Cost, you can cycle back to your Hog very fast before your opponent has his defensive building or other Hog Rider counters ready. Whenever you see your opponent placing a high Elixir card down (Golem, P.E.K.K.A), push on the other lane to force your opponent to defend. If he doesn’t defend, you will have an easy Tower.
    • It is only 3.1 Elixir or less for most Rider Cycle Deck. Our goal is to constantly push with Hog Rider and stop enemy from launching big pushes and use aggressive static to force them to defend the whole match. With low Elixir cost, you can back to your Hog very fast before your enemy create their defense again. When your enemy pushes a card, push on the other lane to force your opponent to defend. In case they don’t defend, you can get Tower.
    • Goblins and Fire Spirits may be placed together because they will great helpful while working with Hog Rider.

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