Brawl of Ages – “Clash Royale PC Version” officially released on Steam

A product combining tactical element and cards with many similarities to the hit product Clash Royale has officially launched on Steam…

Certainly the community of gamers has not forgotten the “fever” Clash Royale had rained the mobile gaming community in the early months of 2016. As the strategy game + card type is becoming scarce thenrecently, S2 Games – NSX reputation known through the game hit Heroes of Newerth recently launched a new product called Brawl of Ages.

Overall, Brawl of Ages is no different than a graphical upgrade of Clash Royale. The game features a bright 2.5D Cartoon platform with pretty adorable characters. The characters in Brawl of Ages are not exploited in any particular game, but at a glance they can also be recognized as inspired by creatures in the myths of both the East and the East.

About gameplay, Brawl of Ages is not much different from Clash Royale. The battlefield in the game is divided into 2 parts for each player, the two areas separated by a river and each side has a main house and two defensive towers.

Each player will be given 10 card types to enter the battle, summoning a card will cost a certain amount of mana. Players will have up to 20 mana. In general, the gameplay style will revolve around the player arranging his cards appropriately to counter opponents, combined with controlling the mana in combat to ensure that the number of troops on the “battle”.

In general, Brawl of Ages is a game worth to experience, because not only convergence of elements that make the appeal of Clash Royale, but the visual effects in the game also outperformed. In addition, the system of card upgrades of the game is also an interesting feature that players can spend time to explore.

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