Clash Royale: 3 different Decks to climb Arena 9

Running under the metagame Clash Royale, many players tend to use only hot cards. However, if matched correctly, even forgotten cards can get you 3500 trophies.

1. Three Musketeers

First, see if your opponent has a Fireball by splitting 3 musketeers or using the Princess/Elixir Collector to try. If your opponent has Fireball or Poison, you may face some difficulty. In this case, how to throw the opponent throw fireball or Poison. Soon, drop 3 musketeers to promote an attack, if luck you will quickly get 1 Arena Tower.

The ideal situation is to have three musketeers go in the middle, then let Miner suddenly close a tower to ensure victory.

2. Mortar Deck

If you own an X-bow, you can replace it with Mortar.

Mortar had time to be listed on the dirty card list in Clash Royale, but that’s not fair at all because you can use any tactics to win. This Deck focuses on fighting Giant Deck; Hog Rider or Inferno Tower/Bowler and Musketeer.

3. Lava Hound Deck

This is a pretty dangerous Deck with Lava Hound, it’s not a good defensive Deck, but you can easily get an Arena Tower if you make a small mistake. Using this Deck usually helps me finish the game 3-0 or 3-1.

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