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The best games like Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game of Supercell with a full of charm defensive strategy gameplay . But if you feel bored with the cards with the corresponding generals inherited from the “Clash of Clans” brother, while still fascinated with the defensive style, there will be equally attractive alternatives. We will introduce you to the best games […]

Building Deck in Clash Royale Guide for Beginners

Hello, today I am going to teach you how to build a decent Clash Royale Deck for beginners. You have a lot of cards, but do not know what sort of reasonable, that is why the force is strong but the cup is still flickering. Anyway, long-term players should be consulted, which is best for […]

How to beat higher level players in Clash Royale?

How to beat higher level player in Clash Royale? This is a question that certainly everyone wants to know. Let’s learn this from Derek Cheung, the top 1 player in the world of this game. If you are a Clash Royale fan then you probably know “鐘培生” (English name: Derek Cheung), the top player in […]

List of Arenas in Clash Royale

What is your understanding of Clash Royale? With the summation of the Arena in Clash Royale we will be able to capture the information below, we can capture information about “the Arenas” when can level up Arena, Arena downgrade also. As in the new Arena there are things, all will be answered in this article. […]

Brawl of Ages – “Clash Royale PC Version” officially released on Steam

A product combining tactical element and cards with many similarities to the hit product Clash Royale has officially launched on Steam… Certainly the community of gamers has not forgotten the “fever” Clash Royale had rained the mobile gaming community in the early months of 2016. As the strategy game + card type is becoming scarce […]

How to counter Goblin Barrel as efficiently as possible in Clash Royale?

After the March update, the Goblin Barrel is one of the current meta cards back to the game’s meta, as fewer cards can counter them. However, less counter but still can be counter very effective … When no longer hit by a Zap hit, the Goblin Barrel is progressively more aggressive when the player can […]

Clash Royale: How to the most effective use and control Night Witch?

Another Legendary Card released, Night Witch gives gamers both a sense of excitement and powerlessness in front of her strange power. Let’s take the article to analyze how to use Night Witch as well as the most effective in Clash Royale. Night Witch overview The Night Witch is open at Arena 8 (Frozen Peak), which […]

Clash Royale: Update details 19/04/2017 – Continue to nerf E.Barbarian and Royal Giant

Clash Royale’s next balance-of-power shift will continue to focus on nerfing still strong cards such as Barbarian, Royal Giant and Furnance. True to the nature of “power balance,” these changes will make those who invest heavily in powerful attacking but easy-to-do crying at constant downsizing. Note: This update will be effective on 19/4/2017 Update details […]

Clash Royale will release 4 new cards and Clan Battle mode

In addition to Clan Battle mode, Clash Royale mobile game will also add 4 new cards with the Leagues system. After announcing the new 2v2 Clan Battle mode, Supercell continues to introduce new additions to Clash Royale. First, the producer will include 4 new cards, Bandit (Legendary), Night Witch (Legendary), Bats (Common) and Heal (Rare). […]