Clash Royale: Detailed Heal Draft Challenge mode for rewards and general gameplay

Officially launched on April 28, 2017, however, some early gamers have experienced the Heal Draft Challenge mode. Let’s take a look at what the reward of this mode will be.

As before, Clash Royale continues to welcome the arrival of a new card by launching a new challenge mode. And this time it is Heal – one of the four cards were leaked in March. Let’s go through the details of this mode.

How to play

Similar to other Draft Challenge, 2 players will choose 4 cards for themselves and 4 cards from the opponent to make the deck, one of the two will be selected Heal leaf to use.

    • King Tower Level – 9
    • Common card level – 9
    • Rare card level – 7
    • Epic – 4 Card Level
    • Legendary level card – 1
    • Overtime time – 3 minutes

Players will also lose up to 3 games. You will get an idea that corresponds to the number of rounds – up to 12 rounds.


This is an event with only one rewards, so gamers can not spam events for multiple rewards. If you lose the Challenge in round 6, you will receive rewards at that level and may rejoin to try to win higher prizes.

Reward levels:

  • 4 rounds won: 2500 gold
  • 6 rounds: 10 Heal cards
  • 8 rounds: 1 Giant Chest (According to the current Arena)
  • 10 rounds wins: 25000 gold
  • 12 rounds: 100 Heal cards

Detail Heal spell index

Just like Poison, Heal can be used anywhere in the battlefield, healing for a short time for an ally, but does not heal the pillar. At the moment, Heal’s heal will be equal to the damage done by Poison, but the heal / s will be higher than the damage caused by damage / s due to the shorter heal’s duration.

  • Costs 3 Elixirs
  • Exist time: 3 seconds
  • Radius: 3 cells (similar to Poison)
  • Card type: Rare

Heal level:

At present, gamers are still trying many different combo to combine Heal and prepare early on April 28 to fight Heal Draft Challenge. The most ideal combos nowadays include Heal Balloon, Heal E.Barbarian, Heal Hog, Heal Giant…

We will continue to update the best Heal Draft Challenge guides on the day of the event. Please read the instructions of Clash Royale right here!

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