Clash Royale: How to the most effective use and control Night Witch?

Another Legendary Card released, Night Witch gives gamers both a sense of excitement and powerlessness in front of her strange power. Let’s take the article to analyze how to use Night Witch as well as the most effective in Clash Royale.

Night Witch overview

  • The Night Witch is open at Arena 8 (Frozen Peak), which is a Legendary card that costs 4 Elixirs
  • She is capable of attacking single targets on the ground and not attacking. Like the Witch, she summons 2 Bat (in place of Skeleton) every 5 seconds
  • At death, Night Witch turns into 6 Bat (similar to Golem or Lava Hound at death)

Basic parameters

Basic tactics

  • The Night Witch can only melee on ground targets and summon bats flying in the air, so you can not use Night Witch with the same Tank card as the Normal Witch.
  • Night Witch attacks and semi tankers are very good, but the defense is bad compared to the Witch (though it’s cheaper than an Elixir).
  • Night Witch can solo a very fast solo thanks to the speed of call bat + 6 bats after death (can be up to 12 bats when the head began to shoot Night Witch)
  • The bat is the first maneuvering unit (Minion has a range of 1), so it will take some time for the bat to strike and attack.

How to use Night Witch?

  • Blood of bats as well as bones, a hit is gone. Also due to the speed of movement, bats always fly before the Night Witch and die first, are easy to counter. Take note of this when making combo.
  • Night Witch is a particularly good combo along with Miner. Use her pushing the regular cylinder and tank for the bat to pound, while she was dead, use the Miner behind the pole to pry the Lava Hound + Miner, but the bat when pressed close will not be easy. Romantic “as Lava pup)
  • With enough blood, the Night Witch is a good counter attacking card. If dead, the enemy still has to deal with a bat flock of 6-8 children. If you do not die, you can always sandwich another semi-tank with Night Witch.
  • The Night Witch is particularly good in the Beat Down Deck. You can use Night Witch with Lumberjack to create a super combo for the bat.
  • Night witch clamping with Lava Hound is also a dangerous combo. Placing her as soon as the Lava Hound has flown to the bridge, the Night Witch will clean the air defense like the Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Executioner … while the bat will counter Inferno Tower very effectively.
  • When placed from the main house, the Night Witch can call up to 8 bats before landing, but Zap can kill even batons in a blink of an eye. Therefore, the decent deck Zap (with Goblin Gang and Skeleton Army) is also good if you want to just push with Night Witch (log can not hit the bat)
  • Like the Witch, the Giant + Night Witch combo is still very dangerous. Instead of destroying the Witch and the Giant as before, you will have to weigh more carefully when you want to kill the Night Witch. You can kill this girl with Mini Pekka or Knight, but then you face a Giant with 6 or 8 bats on your head. If there is no Zap or Orchad, then only death.

How to fight Night Witch?

  • Hardest fixes for Night Witch are definitely Lightning, Rocket, Poison and Fireball. However, always ready to face the bat pop out later if the tank has a bat for this
  • Archers are the most effective card that can toppick the Night Witch, clean the bat’s head and prune her to death. Musketeer is also handy, however unsure.
  • For Giant + Night Witch combo, you need to “treat” this aunt first and immediately treat the bat pop out immediately. You can sand a big card like Mini Pekka and Ice Golem to deal with Night Witch. Ice Golem’s ice blast will kill off the bat immediately.
  • Combo Tornado with E.Wizard, Executioner, Wizard also deal very well with Night Witch and combo with Giant like.
  • Combo Night Witch + Miner can still deal with Lava Hound + Miner, but it is simpler to die with 1 Zap.

The Night Witch Deck recommended

Giant + Night Witch + Lumberjack for mass attacks

Lava Hound + Night Witch + Miner – surprise attack

Night Witch + Graveyard

Night Witch + Goblin Barrel to cheat Zap

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