Clash Royale: The most powerful Retro decks can win the Tournament easily

With the RETRO Deck event taking place, take a look at some of the most iconic decks to win absolutely for yourself today.

If you are unclear, the upcoming Retro Challenges event will require players to use only the first season of Clash Royale. The following card list will not be used during the event:

Take a look at some of the standard and most powerful decks to win the six easy wins:

*Note: The card index will remain the same as season 1, the article will give some deck with the basic guide.

Deck 1: Giant + Balloon Freeze (3.5 Elixir)

Key Combo: Giant and Balloon of course, keep Freeze (especially in the Double Elixir phase) to create the element of surprise attack. The remaining cards are mainly defensive. Anyway, with the Tournament, a head is enough to win.

Deck 2: Standard Fireball Trifecta (3.5 Elixir)

A standard Trifecta deck for gamers still uses this deck to today.

Main combo: Musk defense, Cannon land defense, counter push by Hog “push ass” Valkyrie. Fireball is used to move a large attack or levitate enemy Elixir.

Deck 3: Jason’s 1st World Championship Deck (4.1 Elixir)

Also known as the Giant Hog Beatdown, this deck balances both defense and attack – mostly counter push. Without Pekka, Barbarian is the most effective unit when defending against Hog, Giant, Giant Skeleton and Knight. Easily create a large pushing force after defending the Barbarian.

In addition, this is also a fairly heavy deck of Elixir used, so use the Elixir house as reasonable as possible.

Deck 4: Giant Witch Beatdown (3.8 Elixir)

When spells and armor of large area damage do not appear, the Giant Witch combo is always one of the most annoying of the deck when the player has to concentrate on the big attack. Only the Barbarian or the Mini Pekka can inflict Giant, but you can skill Skeleton from the Witch before the Giant begins to brace against Mini Pekka, and use Fireball when the enemy has a Barbarian.

The remaining cards are mainly used in defense or counter push if possible.

Deck 5: Soldier Spam + Prince (4.0)

How to skip one of the most “depressed” decks in the season. While spamming the soldiers constantly, use Prince on the other way at the enemy’s full use of Elixir to defend the road is being cornered. The opponent will be difficult to both defend the road and just attack

Here are the deck decks for the Retro event this time, the use of each deck depends on the gameplay and experience of each player. So, good luck with the 5 decks… (Please adjust to suit your play if needed…)

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