Clash Royale: The strongest decks in the current meta (Part 2)

Having mentioned the 3 Decks: Barbarian Elite, the Trifecta and the Royal Giant in the first part, let’s continue to refer to the other three decks with themes including Lava Hound, Sparky, and Giant in Part 2 to find the best deck For you.

Read Part 1 of this post with 3 Decks: Barbarian Elite, Trifecta and Royal Giant dashboards here.

Deck 4: Lava Hound

The main power from the air, the deck will make the majority of the “walking deck” as well as take advantage of the tremendous pressure from the Lava Hound.

Lava Hound: The main character in many current decks. How to use the Lava Hound is simple: Just wait for the Elixir to close and place behind the main pier in the direction of attack you want, then give additional support when Lava Hound is preparing to advance into the range of enemy attack.

Ice Wizard: A fairly powerful legendary card – but is currently out of heavy meta … Encourages you to change the Ice Wiz with Miner to increase the maximum squad pressure. Combination combo will be suggested below

Skeleton Army: Mainly used to defend / keep foot soldiers such as Giant, Royal Giant, Mecca, Mini Mecca and especially Elite Barbarian.

Baby Dragon: Main support card for Lava Hound, used to clear enemy defenses such as Minion and Minion Horde.

Mega Minion: A powerful and versatile aviation card currently used to defend or destroy Mega Minion

Minion Horde: Can combine attacks with Lava Hound or use Lava Hound to distract and hit the other with Miner.

Arrow: Destroy enemy defenders including Princess, Archer, Minion types …

Fireball: Defeat the enemy attack or use it to pry, destroy the defenders and the Elixir house


  • Can replace Ice Wizard = Miner, Baby Dragon = Mini Pekka
  • Because the ground defense deck is relatively weak, the lure of using Zap or Arrow with other units like Baby Dragon and Minion Horde is very necessary for you to use the Skeleton Army.
  • Lava Hound should best hit level 2, Fireball level 8, Minion Horde and Arrow level 10
  • Best combo: Lava Hound near home> Mega Minion support behind> Fireball / Arrow> Defend the miners at the foot before Lava Hound explodes to Miner Tank for Lava Pup.
  • If the enemy has Inferno Tower / Dragon: Use Minion Horde or Skeleton Army to temporarily tank Lava Hound (very powerful, clever to break the enemy)

Deck 5: Sparky

Sparky is still one of the “barbaric” decks and the fastest way to break the house if you are clever enough to make the mistake of using the card unreasonably.

Sparky: Strong and firey. Just like Lava Hound, you should put Sparky behind the main head towards you to attack in order to get enough Elixir to get the front support card for it.

Royal Giant: Enough tank and enough damage on the head, this will be one of the best tanks for Sparky. In addition, Sparky always has a charge to blow the troops attacking Royal Giant like Barbarian, Pekka and Elite Barbarian.

Fireball: Defeat the enemy attack – especially Mega Minion, Minion Horde, or used to pry, destroy the defenders and the Elixir house.

Log: Slow down the enemy attack, make way for Sparky and Royal Giant before Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, Bone Soldier, Goblin, Witch …

Ice Wizard: Used for defense is mainly. When combining the Ice Wizard with Log or the Fireball, it will surely repel the attack effectively.

Mega Minion: Can be used in combination with the Royal Giant to defend or attack depending on the situation

Skeleton Army: Used in main defense, can be combined with the Royal Giant attack when he is piercing – blocking the Barbarian way to Sparky clean up.

Minion Horde: Can be used for defensive / counter pushing other roads with the Royal Giant


  • Can replace Royal Giant = Giant
  • Sparky is best to reach level 2, Giant level 8 / Royal Giant level 10, level 10 Minion
  • Zap your enemy with the Minion Horde / Skeleton Army to use Sparky effectively
  • Using Log at the right time can completely depress the attack or defense of the enemy
  • When the enemy uses Rockets to destroy Sparky, switch to the Royal Giant and stop Sparky
  • With a slow attack, use Fireball to destroy the Elixir and not leave it (Sparky / Royal Giant soldiers can not help).

Deck 6: Combo Giant

The Giant is one of the most basic and useful cards for almost every deck. With a number of suitable support units, you will easily overwhelm the enemy with 2 counter, attack reasonably.

Giant: There is no argument about Giant’s cattle. Put the Giant in front of everything and get the support staff to work

Boulder: The army is quite new and quite effective for defense and attack. The Boulder + Giant Combo will help you push the pillar faster thanks to Boulder constantly repel Giant attack

Log: Supports defense and adds Boulder’s knockout times to fast attackers like the Elite Barbarian and Lumberjack combo.

Mega Minion: The main defense of this deck. Should be used mainly for defense as this is the only unit that can attack in the air.

Princess: She will be a defense with Mega Minion in front of the Lava Hound or Minion Horde + Miner combo.

Lightning: Ability to destroy the defenders around the pole very effectively (Mini Pekka, Witch, Archer, Wizard …), used to destroy the Elixir home is very reasonable.

Zap: Can be combined with one round of Princess’s name to clear Minion Horde attacking Giant or interrupting Inferno Tower / Dragon.

Skeleton Army: Main defense while waiting for Elixir enough for Giant and Boulder


  • Getting enough Elixir for Giant Boulder combo, you need to spend a lot. Drop Princess to answer the clock, Boulder to counter the attacks on the ground then attack backwards with Giant is the most effective.
  • Before Lava Hound, let Mega Minion stand by the pillars to pry Lava – wait for Mega Minion enemies to reach and then use Lightning to destroy both. 2. Mega Minion and Princess are enough to clean Lava Pup.
  • Always keep the distance so that the Princess can get high enough with the Giant + Boulder to prevent the enemy from using the Minion Horde to counter them with the two giants (not to mention the Log enemies)
  • Lightning can be used to counter or prick blood. If you can not attack fully because the room is not too weak, you can always win with Lightning and a tower.

Read Part 1 of this post with 3 Decks: Barbarian Elite, Trifecta and Royal Giant dashboards here.

We will continue to update the Arena suggestion boards in the next post. Wish you to find yourself the strongest one.

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