Clash Royale: The strongest decks in the current meta (Part 1)

Let’s take a look at the strongest decks in Clash Royale at the moment and their cheaper versions so you can apply them for yourself.

The article will introduce 6 Decks that are arguably the strongest in the current meta including Elite Barbarian, Trifecta, Royal Giant, Sparky, Lava Hound and Giant Combo.

Note: The level of cards in the following deck is not important (depending on which Arena you are in).

Deck 1: Elite Barbarian

The most meta accurate deck in the present time, this Deck 1 will balance both attack and defense (Support a bit more attack).

Elite Barbarian: The main and most important character in this deck. The Elite Barbarian (E33) is currently the strongest card in the current meta due to immense movement, attack and damage. You can use E33 to counter with Giant, Royal Giant, Pekka, Golem, Sparky then attack back against other cards. Just one minor mistake from the enemy is that the E33 can be placed in the other way and fly immediately.

Graveyard: Combo attack along with E33. When a pillar is attacked to an E33, you can release a Graveyard to increase the threat to your opponent or destroy the Elixir and attack the other defenders.

Minions: Another combo that supports the E33. In addition, minions can also be used to defend against units such as Graveyard, Skeleton Army, Sparky, Barbarian …

Tombstone: The main defensive card for this deck. Tombstone is very useful in the case of many different attacks such as Prince, Mini Pekka, Giant, Barbarian and even E33. Drop the Tombstone to the side you want to attack so that there is always a defense available.

Musketeer: The best defensive card to fight everything. In this deck, Musketeer plays a major role in defending against air forces in support of Tombstone. Do not put her too high to attack, the main attack is in the E33.

Zap: Strongest and most effective card – Zap can be used to support E33 when the enemy uses Skeleton Army or reset Sparky, Inferno Tower immediately.

Fireball: Mainly used to remove the Minion Horde, making way for the E33 attack or breaking the Elixir, clearing the troops being attacked by the Tombstone. After the clean up, Musketeer and Tombstone will be able to attack back against the enemy.

Log: A useful “defense” tool for the massive attack from the ground. If Musketeer or Fireball is defensive enough in the air, Log will take care of the bottom and prepare the way for the E33 to attack if the enemy has Skeleton Army, Fire Spirit or Ice Spirit blocking the way.


  • Elite Barbarian needs at least level 9, Fireball – Musketeer level 8
  • Can replace Graveyard = Miner, Log = Arrow
  • If the enemy has an Elixir house, be aware of keeping Fireball from killing soldiers or destroying that house.

Deck 2: Trifecta

Trifecta is one of the most popular decks in the Hog Rider, Musketeer and Valkyrie trilogy, by using only the Common, Rare cards, but still very effective in Arena 10. This Deck 2 is especially strong at winning a pole and climbing the Challenge/Tournament.

Hog Rider: The main attack unit of this deck. Simple, fast and effective, even when tightly defended, Hog Rider can still do damage to the enemy’s pillar (2 or 3 hits per strike is too ideal).

Ice Spirit: Cheap and effective as Zap, Ice Spirit will follow the Hog Rider to “break time” for Hog to break the house. In addition, this unit can also be used for fast turnaround defense if needed.

Musketeer: Mainly used to defend against the pillar then counter push with the Hog Rider – simply uncomfortable.

Valkyrie: The main defender of the deck. Valkyrie is used to defend / destroy rows of enemies behind enemy tanks (Giant, Golem) – then counter again with Hog and Ice Spirit if alive.

Ice Golem: The main defense and support unit for the Pill / Musketeer. Ice Golem is very useful in front of large attack missions, helping to slow down and delay time for units in the background to attack. In addition, if you master the Ice Golem can still “lure” the slow-moving units to divert the attack and follow it always (also called walking dog …)

Cannon: Supports defense against attacking units such as Hog, Giant, Royal Giant, Balloon, and more. Offers a definite defense against Ice Golem.

Super Minion: Suitable for many situations, high damage and easy counter-push with Valkyrie after successfully defending.

Zap: Support for Hog attack, destroy small targets like Skeleton Army, Goblin, Fire Spirit…


  • Cards as high as possible, especially Hog Rider and Valkyrie
  • You can place the Hog behind the Valkyrie or Ice Golem to push the unit forward faster
  • Ice Golem can be used to keep Sparky’s ammunition, Valkyrie can withstand a hit from Sparky and survive (level 7 – 8)
  • This defensive and counter-push deck is the main one, so do not use the Hog to push it, not ineffective

Deck 3: Royal Giant

Royal Giant: The main attack and defense unit for the deck. The Royal Giant has never been out of the meta, you can only choose the right troops to support or attack with it.

Furnace: Assists the Royal Giant in dealing with enemy bulk defense units such as Barbarian, Minion Horde, and Skeleton Army. Also, it is possible to pry the blood while waiting for Elixir between the two teams.

Lumberjack: Supports the Royal Giant against sporadic units such as Mini Pekka or Barbarian – which can deliberately drop Lumberjack for defense and die for the Royal Giant’s Rage effect.

Ice Golem: The main rotating defense, attack only when accompanied by Lumberjack (similar to the Hog Rider)

Minion: Aerial defense for the Royal Giant, which can be combined with Lumberjack and Ice Spirit without the Giant

Log: Repulses large armies attacking Furnace, which can be combined with Ice Spirit to increase retention effects

Ice Wizard: The main defense / support unit for the Royal Giant. Can be used together with Log to increase the enemy retention effect

Zap: Support for Lumberjack and Royal Giant attacks, destroy small targets like Skeleton Army, Goblin, Fire Spirit…


  • The Royal Giant can very well pierce blood but only at level 10 or above
  • Need to combine hard defense then counter push with Royal Giant and Lumberjack to break the house fastest
  • Can change Log = Fireball, Minion = Super Minion

Keep track of the next 3 Decks (Sparky, Lava Hound, Giant combo) in the second part of the post right here.

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