Clash Royale: Update details 19/04/2017 – Continue to nerf E.Barbarian and Royal Giant

Clash Royale’s next balance-of-power shift will continue to focus on nerfing still strong cards such as Barbarian, Royal Giant and Furnance.

True to the nature of “power balance,” these changes will make those who invest heavily in powerful attacking but easy-to-do crying at constant downsizing.

Note: This update will be effective on 19/4/2017

Update details

Royal Giant: Time spell increased to 2 seconds (from 1 second)

No big impact. However, the opponent will have more time to attack / kill the Royal Giant faster than at the bridge.

Elite Barbarians: Total health drops by 4%, first hit slows for 0.1 seconds

Not too much of an influence on E Barbarian’s current overview and gameplay.

Furnace: Total blood decreased 5%

Furnance will not be so popular today as the amount of blood after update will greatly affect the survival time when attacked (Fireball, Lighting, Hog …)

Goblin Hut: Total blood increase by 5%

Instead of Furnance, perhaps Goblin Hut will return more with this buff.

Electro Wizard: Hit Speed to 1.8sec (from 1.7sec) Attack Speed changed to 1.8s / hit (1.7s / hit)

E.Wizard can be quite powerful due to his ability to control and damage his distance. Decreased attack speed will be even more balanced on both sides of this attack.

Executioner: Damage increased by 6%

Bug = Power boost. No more glitch, Executioner of course is strengthened to compensate for his current weaknesses (and the main counter for Lava Hound or Lavaloon).

Balloon: Death Damage delay to 3sec (from 1sec) Damage at disappearance delay 3 seconds (instead of 1 second)

Balloon is back with the high deck, but the time bombs 1s after Balloon died a little too simple. Up to 3 seconds of explosion will help balance and fast moving troops can escape the explosion.

Skeleton Army: Reduces the number of Skelentons summoned to 14 (instead of 15).

Change balance is quite simple – Do not make too many changes in total damage offline.

Lumberjack: Total Blood Increase 4%

Death is too fast to show your abilities, another buff is given to Lumerjack (not strong enough or so…)

With these changes, the main deck of Furnance, Royal Giant and Elite Barbarian will have to change their tactics right away. Wish the lucky players on the Clash Royale battlefield.

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