How to counter Goblin Barrel as efficiently as possible in Clash Royale?

After the March update, the Goblin Barrel is one of the current meta cards back to the game’s meta, as fewer cards can counter them. However, less counter but still can be counter very effective …

When no longer hit by a Zap hit, the Goblin Barrel is progressively more aggressive when the player can levitate slowly to victory. Each time the card is used, it can deal 400 to 1000 damage to it. There are no effective counter cards. The following article will show you some of the best Goblin Barrel counter you can practice and apply.

Attack order by True Red – True Blue

If you still do not know what True Red and True Blue are, then here is your true position in every game (although we always find ourselves playing on the blue side). True Blue and True Red have some effects on the operation of certain cards (Hog, Balloon, Barbarian…, however, have already been fixed), but this deflection mechanism still affects the Goblin Barrel.

The higher cup is True Blue, the lower cup is True Red

How to recognize: When you have more cups than your opponent, you will always be True Blue – your opponent will be True Red. This recognition method only applies to regular cups. In tournaments or other modes, the person with the highest number of wins is True Blue, but you can not know exactly what Blue or Red is.

True – Red affects the Goblin Barrel

For True Blue, when the Goblin Barrel is placed between the pillars, the pillars will attack in turn in the following order:

For True Red, when the Goblin Barrel is placed in the middle of the cylinder, the cylinder will attack in a slightly different order:

Determining the color and attack order of the pillar will help you to put your counter cards more efficiently (Soldier will destroy goblin number 2, 3 while destroying goblin number 1).

The effective counter spell

The Log: 1 push is gone all 3 Goblin, 1 Elixir (E). When you know your opponent will use the Goblin Barrel to pry, then you should “reserve” the log for this skill and exchange E most effective.

Arrow: The simplest counter – E exchange is equal

Fireball: The last rescue plan, loss 1E

Tornado: There are two main freedoms that you can choose

  • Drop near the Head: Place the spell in one of the cells as shown in the picture when the Goblin Barrel spins out and the 2 Goblin will be dragged into the Head – activate it immediately (Use only when the cylinder is full of blood)
  • Drop in the center: Place the spell in one of the cells as shown in the picture when the Goblin Barrel spins out and all three Goblins are dragged in between, allowing you to swap E equally.

Zap: The most effective, only used when there is a common support card

The counter cards effectively

Fire Spirit: Drop right after the normal cylinder before the Goblin falls, the three Fire Spirit will split and explode each Goblin.

Skeleton Army: Drop right after the pole as soon as the Goblin Barrel is released, the skeleton army will “hug” the cylinder – however carefully the enemy can use the Log to counter offline.

Goblin, Goblin Gang: Drop right after the pole as soon as the Goblin Barrel is launched, acting like the Skeleton Army.

Bowler (hard): There will be two instances that Bowler handled very well in front of the Goblin Barrel

  • Goblin Barrel is not thrown right in the middle of the pillar: 1 stone rolls handle everything, hacking the brain meaningless
  • Goblin Barrel thrown in the center of the pillar: Place the Bowler in the middle of the field at the bottom of the pillar at the bottom of the pillar. When Bowler appears and the Goblin Barrel spins out, a stone rolls in the middle will clear all three. This will require regular training to mature.

Skeleton, Barbarian, Guard, Lumberjack, Valkyrie, Giant Skeleton, Witch, Minion, Minion Horde:

All of these cards have a single common set – sloping towards Goblin numbers 2-3 (like True Red, True Blue above). Cards can attract Goblins or hit them quickly while defeating the Goblin.

If you do not want to remember True Red or True Blue, you can notice the Goblin Priority Attack Prior to the start – since during the Goblin Battle it will always be a priority attack.

Remote attack cards: Place the Goblin 2 – 3 in a more effective position, with the head still being hit by one or two knives.

Electro Wizard: Similar to Bowler, Zap’s Electro Wizard can detonate all 3 Goblins before they explode in three places. You only need to keep the wooden box in the middle of the yard on your map (as shown) and throw the E, Wizard out immediately. This is not too difficult to do because the animation of the Goblin Barrel is slow, you can master Bowler, E.Wizard will be too simple.

Currently, these are the most effective ways to counter Goblins Barrels. Except in some cases “hack the brain” to dodge spell the soldiers will counter them very well. Test your friends and keep track of Clash Royale’s tutorials at

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