How to obtain cards in Clash Royale?

In Clash Royale, cards play an important role in troops, spells and building onto battlefield. Therefore, knowing the way to get cards is really necessary, which will help you much in having good result rank in Clash Royale.

Besides using your gold to buy cards, you can get cards by unlocking Arena and using gem to buy.

For the way unlocking Arena, you will receive boxes. Each 3 hours you can open a common box and each 24 hours you can open a purple box

For the way using gem, you have to use your gem to buy boxes. The periodic to open these boxes is same as one of the way upper Arena.

There are 3 types of box:

  • Common box: when opening this kind, you can receive a few cards and gold
  • Golden box: when opening this kind, you can receive at least 1 Rare card, more cards and gold
  • Purple box: when opening this kind, you can surely receive a Epic Card, and the most gold and cards

With each level of Arena, you can receive suitable amounts of boxes. The higher level of Arena, the more cards and gold you can receive. With appropriate amounts of cups, you can up to level of Arena like:

  • Arena 1: < 400 cups
  • Arena 2: 400- 800 cups
  • Arena 3: 800-1200 cups
  • Arena 4: 1200- 1400 cups
  • Arena 5: 1400-1700 cups
  • Arena 6: >1700 cups

Hope that this post is helpful for you to get cards in Clash Royale and boost the power of your troops in order to win your enemies.

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