How to open Legendary card in Clash Royale?

As you know that, legendary is a high – level card in Clash Royale, therefore,the rate of opening a chest having this card is low. However, in recent days, Clash Royale players have discovered a method to help raise the rate of getting Legendary card when opening chests.

Players can get Legendary cards in Clash Royale from all kinds of chest opened like free chests or chests bought by gem. According to Clash Royale players, getting a Legendary card is not the random, and there is a tips which can raise the rate of getting a Legendary card when opening chest.

Let’s see how they do it!

  • At first, you need have to wait until receive a Magical Chest (you will receive this kind of chest periodically), and then open all other chests excepting Magical Chest.
  • Next, open Magical Chest
  • Next, open 11 Silver Chests
  • Next, open 2 Golden Chests
  • After that, you have to wait for 24 hours; however, during this period of time, you don’t have to fight, and open any chests
  • After 24 hours, you open 2 Free Chests
  • Then, open 2 Silver Chest
  • Finally, open a Free Chest (you may receive Legendary card in this chest)

Performing the tips above does not mean that you will surely receive Legendary card, however, the rate to get it is much higher than the usual way.

Let’s try it with your luck.

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