How to win absolutely 3 Crowns with Deck Trifecta in Clash Royale

In this post we will introduce Clash Royale players the way to win absolutely 3 Crowns with Deck Trifecta in Clash Royale

All sets of Deck will be used:

It contains 2 builder cards, 4 troop cards and 2 magic cards.

Set of Deck for attacking:

  • Valkyrie + Hog Rider + Fire Spirits + Poison/Zap
  • Valkyrie + Musketeer + Fire Spirits
  • Hog Rider + Fire Spirits + (Musketeer) + Zap

Set of Deck for defending:

  • Giant Push – Cannon + Valkyrie/Poison
  • Royal Giant Push – Cannon + Musketeer/Valkyrie
  • Hog Rider + RG Push – Cannon + Valkyrie + Zap

The way to win absolutely 3 Crowns:

  • Drop Elixir Collector behind vice tower
  • Use Valkyrie, Hog Raider and Fire Spirit to attack. In each turn use set of 3 Deck above, we will damage a half of blood in vice tower of your enemy
  • Valkyrie will be used to decimate Princess
  • Cannon will be used to defend and decimate Giant
  • Zap will be used to attack Goblin Barel in one hit
  • Poison will be used to damage towers of your enemy in limited area
  • Use Musketeer to support for Hog Raider when it is main tanker. If you use 1 hog Raider and support for it 2 Musketeer, you can kill your enemy or at least damage half of blood of your enemy

That’s all about tactic helping you win 3 Crowns absolutely Clash Royale. This tactic is applied by players at Arena 6 effectively.

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