The most powerful decks for Clan Battles in Clash Royale

May not be the strongest, but the following 4 decks will easily bring victory for Clan Battle more than other decks in Clash Royale.

Rum Ham’s Deck

If you do not know, The Rum Ham is one of the high ranking Clash Royale players with simple decks and free to play.

In these two decks, each of them will have their own missions. Deck 1 focuses on defenses with Furnance, Skeleton, Ice Spirit and Tornado, stores Elixir (E) and starts the fight with Pekka or Giant Skeleton. During the double E period, Giant Skeleton will be retained and defended any large cavalry.

With deck 2, stealing your troops and distracting your opponent will be your main mission. Mainly the cards will be used to counter push (Musketeer, Baby Dragon, E.Wizard) and gradually bleed with Goblin Barrel, Miner (in the direction of the Furnance house). Prince can be used to “push” Pekka to head faster – Fireball or Zap if the small targets in the road. In addition, Fireball can also be used to prune the E. Pump house if needed.

The defenses of this deck duo are quite good, but the offensive side must be very clever because there are only one or two main tank cards. Can create sudden mutation at the Double Elixir stage.

Double Clone Barrel Deck secures 3 Crown

It’s a pretty “nonsense” deck and trolls but surprisingly effective if the enemy does not catch up, this deck will be able to help you reach 3 crowns in seconds.

Do a little goblin work, 2 Goblin + 2 Mirror = 12 Goblin, 12 Goblin Clone x2 = 24 Goblin at the same time! The main factors that you should have that is Goblin Barrel + Mirror + Clone + Rocket / Zap to finish the 3 pillars unexpectedly. However, both players need to communicate directly or can call each other to coordinate the most accurate.

With the exception of Arrow (very few users in the Clan Battle), Zap can not destroy the Goblin Barrel immediately. So, what you need to do is both have Goblin Barrel + Mirror, throw 3-4 boxes in a position behind the main house and Clone them out (1 – 2 times depending on you) and see the main head immediately lost 2 – 3 thousand blood.

Upgrade, you can lure the enemy Zap Goblin goods and then use Clone to avoid clone status and then lose white. The rest will help you defend and extend the time very well. In addition, you can change the Ice Golem in deck 1 to Rocket, Freeze in deck 2 to Rage to increase maximum damage to the main house if you want to play more “violent”.

Deck Lava Golem Bloon fierce

2 aggressive tanks lead the way for Balloon, what more horror!!!

This deck uses a large advantage, especially in the Double E phase. With two E.Pump houses (if you can keep them), your team will have a huge advantage when it comes to possessing many main tank cards and flying units. Maximum support (avoid Log). Especially good when meeting the weak defense deck.

However, the main weakness of this deck is that it consumes too much E. For large troops and does not have sub-card if needed. In addition, damage to defense is also weak (Baby Dragon, Skeleton, Mega Minion and E.Wizard are hardly enough …) Most especially, the two E.Pump homes will quickly evaporate when most of the Clan Battle duels carry a lot of spells (Fireball, Rocket, Poison …)

Deck Giant Pekke beatdown

The more rational version of “getting the meat off”, Giant + Pekka + Witch combo will be neat but extremely dangerous.

This can be a very expensive E-deck, but it is quite comprehensive both for the player and the player. With 2 Furnances, it is difficult for the enemy to concentrate on one attack, leaving one for the Fire Spirit. Meanwhile, you can completely clear up a big blow with Tornado and Princess with Furnance. In addition, the Goblin Gang and the Guard will inevitably repel any attacks on underground tanks (Giant, Prince, Pekka, Elite Barbarian), and the room will not say (Witch, Princess, Minion of all types). …)

On the attack side, when the enemy team is sure to be bleeding and busy with Furnance, combining the Giant + Witch combo from behind the King Tower will give deck 2 extra time to prepare Pekka’s bridge and start. Counter push with Furnance and some defensive troops in that line. Surely that battle will be quite chaotic, so you can use Poison / Log to clear the defenders behind, Rocket / Zap defensive structures.

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