Legendary card

Clash Royale: How to the most effective use and control Night Witch?

Another Legendary Card released, Night Witch gives gamers both a sense of excitement and powerlessness in front of her strange power. Let’s take the article to analyze how to use Night Witch as well as the most effective in Clash Royale. Night Witch overview The Night Witch is open at Arena 8 (Frozen Peak), which […]

How to open Legendary card in Clash Royale?

As you know that, legendary is a high – level card in Clash Royale, therefore,the rate of opening a chest having this card is low. However, in recent days, Clash Royale players have discovered a method to help raise the rate of getting Legendary card when opening chests. Players can get Legendary cards in Clash […]

All types of Legendary card in Clash Royale

Legendary is the high-level card in Clash Royale with great power as well as outstanding added features. Therefore, you should know about power of this kind of Clash Royale card and the way to fight against it. Inferno Dragon Unit: air force Summon: need 4 Elixir to recall Inferno Dragon Time appears: 1 seconds after […]