Things to know and tips for participating in the Tournament in Clash Royale

The Tournament feature is a fairly new addition to Clash Royale. So how to experience this game mode?

A new feature added to Clash Royale, but it looks like the Tournament has not really worked well. Many gamers complain that they are hardly able to participate in this mode, because sometimes you will see the number of players in the room is 1/50 but when clicked, the system is full.

To participate in the Tournament, you must update the page in the Tournament quickly and continuously because the display on it sometimes incorrect if you do not reload the data. Besides, there is a trick to turn off the location of the Clash Royale in your device. This will help the Tournament page display all of the tournaments that are taking place to give you more options. Maybe in the future, Supercell should update a filter to classify the area in the Tournament.

Something about Tournament features:

Tournament will allow players to organize themselves or join a tournament directly in the game. Unlocked when the player reaches Level 8, to create a Tournament will cost a certain Gem, but the participant will lose nothing.

Winning these tournaments, the player will receive an attractive prize as a special Tournament trunk, which is unlike and related to the opening time of other normal chests.

Tournament matches can be viewed directly by selecting the red icon in front of the players participating in the Tournament.

This is considered a core feature to help Clash Royale to become eSports game on mobile.

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