Top 10 best Clash Royale cards

Clash Royale is one of the most interesting games with millions of players all over the world. And the key to get win in this game is power cards using when warring with enemies. In this post, we introduce top 10 cards in Clash Royale based on decks of top 150 players in the world.

  1. Barbarians

Barbarians give you a lot of value comparing with its price in general. If you combine barbarians with skeletons for distraction, they will be great at taking out the new and annoying sparky. Besides, this card still has multiple other usages, both in offense and defense. Moreover, it has high hp and deals a lot of damage as well as is good at taking out tanks like golems, giants and pekka.

  1. Zap

Zap can take out most 2 elixir troops for an even trade and damage minions enough to your tower can take each of them out in on hit. In addition, the one second stun gives, this will let your hog rider damage the enemy tower or one more hit and also reset the charge of sparky.

  1. Princess

Princess is the best legendary card until now. Arrows can counter her for an even elixir trade, but often you need arrows to counter minion horde or other troops so you have to find other ways to deal with the princess.

It can be countered for an even elixir trade; however, you can also use it for countering minion horde or else other troops. Therefore, you need another way to deal with Princess.

  1. Valyrie

The Valkyrie has been buffed recently so she is currently very strong. She is really good at swarming of troops like goblins and spear goblins; and can take them out with one hit.

  1. Musketeer

Backing up tanks and damaging to all approaches are forte of Musketeer. Besides, it has long range, so it is able to hit enemy crown tower and take out defending Cannon.

  1. Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is the basic of all decks when taking out the enemy towers. A high rider will has a lot of hp and can take out a crown tower totally if it is not counter. In addition, its moving speed is quite fast and will not be distracted by enemy troops.

  1. Freeze

Freeze is used in some of decks; however, you have to know how to place it in order to make it powerful. In some case, it is also used in defend.

  1. Arrows

Arrow is used in a lot in all arenas. And it is one of the most desirable cards of all Clash Royale players because it will fit into almost every deck and always give players a positive elixir trade when using it. Taking out minion horde is its main trade, which will bring user 2 elixir advantage

  1. Cannon

Only costing 3 elixir, and having a lot of hp, Cannon is a really powerful card for all players. It is used in almost decks.

  1. Elixir Collector

Over 80% of players use Elixir Collector in the deck. With the 6 elixir cost buff royal giant get and the release of the new high elixir legendaries like sparky and lava hound, Elixir Collector is considered as the most powerful and useful card in Clash Royale. It can also work well in both high and low elixir deck

We’ve shared you top 10 best cards in Clash Royale. Hope that you players cab use them when playing and get winning.

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